Third Grade

Incredible, Edible Landfill: Students learn about recycling and all the different parts of a landfill. They then construct a landfill using different yummy foods and enjoy eating their landfill when it is completed.

Eastern Wild Turkey: Students learn about the history of our county’s turkey population, conservation efforts, different turkey parts, and turkey calls. They are shown turkey mounts, legs, feathers, and beards.

Recent News

2019 Conservation Farmer of the Year

. The 2019 recipient of the annual Conservation Farmer of the Year goes to Steve Hintz of Hintz farms. Steve started farming in 1979 after graduating from…

Arrowhead RC&D River Rafting Expedition

Arrowhead RC&D’s 25th Anniversary River Rafting Expedition will be held this year on September 4th, 5th and 10th, 11th, and 12th. This 5-6 day event is held…

Indiana State Fair

Visit the Pathway to Water Quality Exhibit: Where does all the water go after it rains? How does what people do on their land at home, on…