Fifth Grade

Sandhill Crane Day: Students travel to Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area to learn about the Sandhill Crane. They learn about their bones, difficulties cranes encounter while migrating, a compass migration challenge, and they observe the cranes from the tower while learning information about the birds.

Garbage Pizza: Students discover what items are in their landfill. Circle graphs depict the percentage of the types of items in a landfill. Students then create a giant circle graph made from cookie dough and divide it into the eight different categories. They use their percentages and place different colored M&M’s in each of those categories. When finished, they enjoy eating their garbage pizza!

Water Riches/Soil and Water: Students learn about water, our most precious natural resource. There are five lessons with hands-on experiments for the students to enjoy learning about. Students complete a project about what they have learned and then prizes and certificates are awarded. Cookies and punch are enjoyed afterward!

Field Day: Students learn about micro invertebrates, the history of the fire tower, water sheds, and prey/predator relationships.

Outdoor Lab Day: Pulaski County SWCD partners with the fifth grade to present an earth day program to kindergarten – fourth grades.

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