Vision & Mission

The Pulaski County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a government subdivision of the state and a public body exercising public powers.  Our functions include:

  • Providing information about soil, water, and related natural resource conservation.
  • Identifying and prioritizing local soil and water resource concerns.
  • Connecting land users to sources of education, technical, and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies.

The mission of the Pulaski County SWCD is to conserve, improve, and sustain the appropriate use of our natural resources. The current issues we face in Pulaski County include controlling wind and water erosion, protecting water quality and water quantity, maintaining adequate and safe drainage, promoting wise land use, and developing and promoting reasonable wildlife management.

We serve the people “downstream” to improve the quality of life by protecting natural resources for the present and for the future.


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