At-Home Water Testing

Is your drinking water safe? You drink it, bathe in it, cook with it — don’t you deserve to know what’s in your drinking water?

EnviroTestKits are an industry leader in drinking water testing technologies, providing testing options that are fast, easy, and safe.

  • Laboratory Certified Test Kits
  • Do-It-Yourself Test Kits
  • Test Results Sent Directly to Your Home

EnviroTestKits – Drinking Water Testing Options:

  • BACTERIA such as Coliform Bacteria and E. coli– can cause intestinal stress, diarrhea and dehydration.
  • METALS such as Arsenic, Copper, Iron and Lead– can cause organ malfunction or complete shut-down.
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES such as Hardness, Dissolved Solids, and PH– can shorten the life of home appliances and contribute to bad taste, bad odor and poor visual quality in your water.
  • INORGANICS such as Nitrates/Nitrites, Fluoride and Chloride– can cause a variety of health issues, especially in young children.
  • ORGANICS such as Volatile Organics, Pesticides and Herbicides– can contribute to or even cause various types of cancer.

To purchase your own at-home EnviroTestKit, contact our office at (574) 946-3243 Ext: 3.

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